Polymer Processing

Novel embedded smart moulding technologies – validated reaction injection moulding (RIM) processes and full product traceability in the manufacture of novel polyurethane products for sports applications; active and passive microelectronic wirelessly enabled devices for high value market opportunities.

Thermo-sensitive copolymers for the treatment of arterial aneurysms – evaluation of smart, thermo-responsive hydrogels as ‘filler’ materials which can be applied to the affected site using a novel, minimally invasive, catheter delivery technique.

Arterial vascular modelling – research to develop biocompatible hydrogel materials capable of replicating the physical and mechanical responses of arterial blood vessels, with comparable flexibility and mechanical properties.

UV-curable hydrophilic gel networks for soft contact lens manufacture – research to optimise  processability and materials selection for high volume manufacture of soft contact lenses.