Water Control and Management System (WCMS)

“WCMS is an innovation in smart water technology, designed to protect and conserve one of our most precious resources” – Dr Austin Coffey, Principal Investigator

The Water Control and Management System (WCMS) Project concerns the development of a remotely-operated ‘Smart Valve’ – a pressure control valve with integrated electronics and wireless capabilities for full, autonomous control over fluid pressures to a specific location. Intelligent circuitry is used to monitor and record flow data, and flag or correct parameters that fall outside of normal ranges. The technology can be applied across a wealth of sectors including domestic, agricultural, industrial, commercial and utilities.


WCMS is currently in development by the Convergent Technologies Research Group at WIT. The WCMS Project is fully funded and supported by Enterprise Ireland.


The concept behind WCMS is simple: remote, intelligent control over the supply of water to individual homes and businesses confers a wealth of benefits to both consumers and providers; benefits like

✓ Reduced consumption of water
✓ Reduction in leaks
✓ Convenience and safety
✓ Cost savings


At the core of WCMS is a custom designed Smart Valve – a flow control valve with integrated wireless technology. Installed outside the home or premises, the Smart Valve is capable of receiving and carrying out secure instructions to restrict or shut off the flow of water to the property by remote means. The Smart Valve is controlled by a backend micro-controller system, installed within the property. This intelligent backend unit carries out a range of functions, including monitoring,recording, alerting and taking automatic action if an unusual flow patterns is detected. It also provides real-time information for the user via visual display or smartphone app, enabling them to implement smart water conservation strategies, based on their individual consumption pattern.


As a functional product, the market appeal of WCMS is widespread, encompassing both consumers and service provider segments, including

✓ Domestic users
✓ Agricultural users
✓ Industrial and Commercial
✓ Water utilities
✓ Prepaid utility providers
✓ Insurance providers


The WCMS technology presents a number of high-potential licensing opportunities for interested parties. Please direct all enquires to info@ctrg.ie.


Visit our new WCMS Project web page.